Vishal Gupta, an influential cryptocurrency entrepreneur working in the blockchain industry is the Founder of one of the most progressive exchanges, Binex Trade. He has a vision of creating a world where blockchain and cryptocurrency will act as catalysts in shaping the future.

He is a Blockchain enthusiast who has varied experience across various verticals like IT, luxury goods, advertising and financial services among others. He has created Binex Trade exchange with the right concoction of versatility and accessibility. Vishal had once said, “What crypto currency did is something interesting. It helped me contextualize my life, it opened new semantics for many business ideas. I could now connect dots and see the common strand of all the ventures I did earlier”.

Vishal, a Crypto enthusiast is a member of The Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Committee (BACC) of the Internet and Mobile Association of India(IAMAI). The business ventures founded by Vishal include Searchtrade, Binex Trade, Binex Mining, Internetdollar and Postgram.

He is the co-founder and CEO of, a disruptive search platform which allows its users to ‘own’ keywords and earn in Bitcoins while they search on the internet.

Being a Cryptocurrency evangelist, Vishal has even launched a state of the art cryptocurrency exchange Binex Trade which shares 70% of the daily trade revenue with its users through a digital utility token named BEX. He has even launched a mining platform called Binex Mining.

He is even the Chief Architect of Internet Dollar(ITD) which will revolutionize the world as the pioneering cryptocurrency of the attention economy for rewarding people for their social media pastime. Postgram, with its own cryptocurrency named Internet Dollar (ITD), proposes a counter-solution to the ecosystem created by earlier social media giants whose sole aim was to harvest gains from everybody’s social labor.

Vishal’s enriching experience of 19 years has been thoroughly rewarding as he got the opportunity to travel 30 different countries for various projects. This has expanded his horizons about various business practices and cultures. He has been enamoured with blockchain technology and the philosophy behind cryptocurrencies; and he is amongst the leading Cryptocurrency influencers globally.

A passionate humanist at heart, tech enabled economic empowerment and poverty alleviation are causes which are close to him.